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Hey guys!
Welcome to MY BLOG!

With NO ENVY I will share with you my passion for style, beauty and all the little things that make life so valuable. Like a good cup of coffee or that cute flower shop that has just opened around your corner.

I am inspired by people who work hard for their dreams and decide to live their best life.

I graduated in ‘Public Relations and Journalism’ at University Graz and have earned a master’s degree in ‘Romance languages and literature’. Both in professional and personal life, I love to create lifestyle content and to share it with you. Working in marketing and public relations at renown companies like Austria’s most famous producer of lifestyle drinks and one of Styria’s leading wine producers, by the beginning of 2017 I decided it was time I got some more space for the things in life I am passionate about and to do more of what I love. NO ENVY is a creative outlet, but also a dream come true.

I  have a soft spot for dogs, foreign languages, travel and good books. I like to think of myself as being a little Frenchie at heart.

Someone once said that anagrams behold all life’s wisdom. I hope you’ll find inspiration and empowerment here to be YOUR very best unique self. Glad to be joining you on your journey and to discover life’s treasures together.

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