Trust yo’self: 5 ways out of the winter rut

Winter for me is a hard thing to handle this year. Short days which of course mean less daylight hit me like a ton of bricks, not to speak of the impending lack of vitamin D. Seasonal depression is a thing, my dear friends, but there’s good news: You are not alone and I’ve decided to share some of my go-to remedies that I’ve cultivated like a garden herb over the course of the past month. In my opinion the best way to get rid of negative emotions and feelings of discomfort is by step 1 – observing very carefully and without judging yourself what is and thereby accepting it, which means you are ready for step 2 – get going and do something about it. Maybe you came here because you are generally feeling stuck and morose, because we all know: There are a million internal and external factors that can make us feel miserable no matter the season. By having a toolkit of activities at hand which will make you feel better about yourself, you are deciding to head directly towards the possibility of saving the day, the week, the month and to being a better version of yourself. Here’s my toolkit for dark days, maybe some of it is of use for you!

  1. Aromatherapy: A big part of those dark days in winter for me has become experimenting with essential oils and finding what smells good. A blend of lemongrass and eucalyptus is a game changer, believe me. If you’re interested in the use of aromatherapy to balance your mood, give this book a try. I’ll be going into detail about my favorite blends in a blogpost soon to come. 
  2. Keep a daily mindfulness journal. It brings so much joy to invest five minutes a day to think about the things that make you happy and things you could have improved to make your day better. Even if it’s just the fact that you managed to get up on time or any other small detail of your life. Shifting your focus to the positive will make a dramatical change. I got myself this journal – it is sooooooo beautiful and I love the daily quotes in it!
  3. Get yourself flowers. It helps a lot to bring back positive energy into your home. Spread them in tiny vases throughout the rooms. Feel spring coming.
  4. Go out and run. Or walk or hike or play around. January definitely was a running month for me – I accomplished a new record of 70 k in 31 days. Well, I’m proud and I feel a lot healthier because running boosts your serotonine . Get yourself a running partner or motivate yourself by buying some running stuff. (It can be cold, so you’ve got all the reasons to stock up on some cool shirts!)  Also, running is proven to be therapeutic.
  5. Do some YOGA. It always helps me to feel myself again. Nothing gets me more excited about the most simple everyday tasks: Breathing consciously and as a result living more consciously. Being gentle with yourself and others. Moving in a way that makes you strong but also more flexible. So get on the mat and be there for yourself only. This video by Yoga with Adriene is a blast if you’re down or troubled.

I hope I could encourage you to enjoy the process of getting to know yourself better and establishing some positive rituals. You deserve to find what feels good for you! And the rest will come – trust me, but most of all trust yo’self!

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