Tested: Eat your greens

My life is actually pretty balanced between nice and calm home office days and those I spend at my second office which is actually quite far away from where I live in Graz. On these days I commute around two hours to check in on my colleagues and everyday business at the company I work for. After these pretty long days (I come back home around 8 o’clock), I have literally ZERO motivation to cook and will eventually order something in. My fiancé and I are the kind of people who associate food delivery services mostly with pizza (how vintage of us) and will normally opt for the unhealthy option to control our cravings. But, my dear friends, this will end now, as Mjam stepped in and made us discover a really cool alternative: dean&david in Graz. If you’re following me around, you know I am a sucker for greens and love cool companies that offer fresh and healthy food.

WHAT WE ORDERED and RECEIVED in exactly 52 minutes

VEGAN SUPERFOOD SALAD with bulgur, tomatoes, chia, goji berries, beetroot sticks… (the list goes on and on…)
PARIS SALAD with French goat cheese, walnuts, pepper, grapes and a fresh salad mix
as well as a
BOTOX (fresh pressed juice with apple, mint & ginger)

Both of our salads were extremely fresh and delicious. As the food was delivered in less than the estimated time and everything was crazy good (even the bread: fluffy and yummy) we’d give dean&david a total of 5/5 points. Very well done, guys! You prepared everything far beyond delishness. Or as Austrians would say: “Römischer Einser.” Do yourself a favor and try it as soon as you can!

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*In friendly cooperation with Mjam.

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