Summer special: Part one ‘Being cheesy’

Nothing better than carefree summer days and some time offline. We’re starting our trip to Tuscany on Monday but before that I thought I’d update you on some things that make my world go round in July. From books to bands over friendship goals… There’s some good stuff coming at you!


Road trip alert: If you’re into discovery and treasure hunt – the place to be definitely is Tuscany: Sea, hot springs, beautiful valleys, the best wines, arts, culture and above all loads of food.

We decided to go on a little tour around the most important sights never forgetting that our holidays are primarily meant to relax. We first wanted to spend two or three nights in one place and then move on to discover even more until we found the perfect hotel that is situated within acceptable distance to our sights of choice. Stay tuned, of course I’m planning a travel guide to Tuscany with some fresh pics, impressions and recommendations.


Long car rides call for cool playlists. I made one with some new and old favorites that give me that endless summer vibe. A little dog days melancholy included.

Never going on vacay without: A good read

Tan, read, swim, eat – repeat! These are THE three books I will be taking with me to Tuscany.

  1. “The Marriage Plot” by Jeffrey Eugenides: A modern classic for all literature geeks involving a romantic triangle.
  2. “I’ll Tell You in Person” by Chloe Caldwell: An essay collection about an attempt at adulthood. So curious to read this one!
  3. “The Obstacle Is the Way” by Ryan Holiday: A guide to overcoming rough challenges through the practice of wisdom, courage and mindfulness.

Wearing: Straw bags, Adidas slides and cute statement shirts 

This week I have started a series of guest author articles I will be contributing to OTTO Versand Magazine. Read about some of my summer fashion essentials here.

LAST but not least: Life and friendship goals

So happy to announce that I am BLOG OF THE MONTH JULY/AUGUST 2017 in MOMENTS Magazine. I really appreciate their work and am so happy they asked me to be their favorite blogger for the summer months. Big shout-out to the creative and beautiful people working there!

As for Caro Daur’s MAC lippie in this pic: For me it doesn’t only stand for a fashionable beauty item which one must own (the colour is gorgeous btw.)… NO: More than that it depicts a highly appreciated friendship that has been made over Instagram and which adds so much value to my life. I will spare you the details, but when your thoughtful friend organizes a little something because she just knows you need it, this is what I call #friendshipgoals. It has reminded me of one important thing: The greatest joy of life is trying to make somebody else’s life happy. 

Credits: Tuscany images via Unsplash

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