Comfort code: My sleepy secret

Nothing worse than a bad night of sleep: You turn around a quadrillion of times in search for the right sleeping position and you just won’t get comfortable enough to finally say hello to your well-deserved dreams. Poor sleep as a cause of stress actually almost never happens to me (I fall asleep like a puppy, always unexpectedly fast and in an all-or-nothing mode), but as a sporty gal especially after long runs or hikes, I do have back issues every once in a while and thus suffer from poor sleep. I will then usually wake up in the middle of the night and be unable to find a good position to fall asleep again. Some weeks ago Eve Sleep approached me and asked if wanted to try their signature mattress. I got very excited to try something new without expecting too much of a mattress that is a ‘one type fits all’. Too many hours had we spent at various stores for finding the right mattress for our last flat some years ago and let me be honest: The process was long and tiring (renting a transporter for taking it home!!!) and still it’s like gambling whether or not you will be happy and satisfied with your choice. 

When my mattress arrived, I was surprised by how uncomplicated and easy it had been to order it (I had undertaken the purchasing process for being able to comment on it in an authentic way for you) and to have it delivered to our doorstep. Some of you might have seen me hopping out of the unbelievably small box (we have a 160 x 200 cm large bed) in my Insta stories after we had rolled the mattress out and laid it flat for a day. Have a look:

Hello Eve Sleep!

Interestingly enough, I really enjoyed the comfort of it instantly: It is made of three foam layers and adapts to your body thanks to a memory foam technology that really suits all body types. Five weeks later, my fiancé and I are still into our new little comfy zone and spend extensive weekend mornings reading in bed.

I can of course not guarantee that you’ll be enjoying it as much as I do, thus I’m happy to inform you that you can try it for a full 100 days and give it back in case you’re not feeling it (I do not think you will, but this definitely gives you a nice back-up). Beautifully simple as it is, I am really convinced that every awesome day starts the night before and sleeping comfort for me has turned out to be 95 % of my overall chances of a pretty good day without back pains or else.

In addition to that being said, here are a few simple routines I follow with regard to a good night’s rest:

  1. Cellphone on flight mode. ✈️ On weekends when I don’t need an alarm I’ll leave it in the living room.
  2. I really always drink a cup of tea in the evening. Peppermint always does it best for me.
  3. Even after a pretty long day, I try to read for at least 10 minutes in bed to calm my mind.
  4. Lavender always makes me feel relaxed – I like to keep some lavender oil nearby and massage my feet with it (or have them massaged )… 😉
  5. We always kiss goodnight: Being attentive to your loved ones will keep you from nervously scrolling through Instagram.

Big kisses

*Thanks for supporting this post Eve Sleep.


  1. Sabrina

    a very cosy place and good advices for relaxing! every day i also drink a cup of tea to calm down and take a few minutes only for me! greets, sabrina

    1. Yvonne B.

      Hello Sabrina! I totally agree – taking time for yourself is vital to calm down without being distracted. Glad you liked it!

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