April weather: I do what I want

If there’s one thing I know spring, especially April, is not the most reliable partner when it comes to vast fashion choices. Thus layering seems like the perfect solution for going out these days without getting extremely hot or cold. For this look I chose only powdery pastel colors that make for an extra cute pre-summery layering combo. Mixing heavy knits with delicate fabrics is key; floral prints and a statement shirt add up to a casual, nonchalant attitude. There’s nothing better than wearing bright, fresh colors and feeling like summer is just around the corner. Staying on top of April weather isn’t that easy, but said layers will make your life much easier without feeling like you have to get out all those chunky winter pieces you’ve already stored in the deepest corners of your drawers. As you know me, I’m a denim addict and I couldn’t help but top the outfit off with my favorite jacket. I have honestly been living in it – goes with anything and is looking so relaxed. Also, the light blue color is fitting me perfectly, so yes, you might be seeing it more often up here. I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend after a really crazy week of April weather. Read from me soon!

Floral print trousers – Zara
Heavy knit pullover – H&M (last season)
Flats with bows – Zara
Denim jacket – Levi’s
Sunnies – LeSpecs


    1. Yvonne B.

      😍 Dankeschön, liebe Katrin! Ein sommerliches Layering erinnert doch immer ein bisschen an einen kühleren Tag am Meer. Definitiv eine Gute-Laune-Kombi!

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